Intercambio is a puzzle game like Sokoban but instead of pushing the main character can exchange her position with a block.

The game contains 16 levels and a level editor. It was created for the Unofficial Gameboy Jam.

Game controls:

  • Cursors: movement
  • Space: shot the exchange pistol.
  • X: restart current level if you get stuck.
  • Esc: move to the next level if you get really stuck.

Level editor controls:

  • Cursors: movement of placement tool.
  • Space: change floor.
  • X: change entities (player, totems, bouncers).
  • Esc: go back to the editor menu.
  • "Share level" will show the code of your level. You can copy it and share it elsewhere. The code is also written to the browser console in case mouse selection is not working.
  • "Load level" will ask for a level code and put it in your editor.

Example level you can load: 00000000001010100000000000101010000000000010101000000000191111311511131331531151351556601

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Published 6 days ago
Tagsgameboy, uogbjam


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nice puzzle game! considering making a fully-fledged thing out of it? i'd buy it.

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Hello! I loved your game!

I only made it to Lv 14. I wonder how many levels it has.

Thanks! It only has 16 levels so you were close to the end.